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How We Work

Simple & Transparent

We work in transparent simple and defined steps that put you firmly in control of your project as it progresses. Each step is clearly identified and you can progress through the stages at your pace. We always work on a fixed price schedule too – no hidden costs, no hourly rates. You will see that we are truly competitive, and we don’t hide our charges.

We start off with a free, no obligation call which enables us to understand your project. From this call we can establish your requirements and help you understand fully your project.

Bringing your ideas to life…

We will then design your initial concepts – what you can do and how it will look – bringing your ideas to life. When you are ready we can progress this through the Planning Permission process. At this stage you are in a very strong position with any suppliers you have in mind as your project is effectively good to go.

Should you require we can then assist with project management – supplier selection, pricing, timeframes contracts in fact everything you need for your project.

Each client’s journey is unique, and our approach enables every client’s needs to be accommodated. Our staged payment process puts you firmly in control of the budget. You can work out your initial costs for each stage with our cost calculator.


Remote presentations allow us to present your design to you from the comfort of your own home, saving you time and money.

Our two-way screen sharing allows you to give valuable feedback and input so we really can design your dream.

We work in 5 key stages, each with a clear target.

Find out what we aim to achieve in each step.

Stage 1

Preparation & Brief

The target of stage 1 is the gather requirements and get the brief signed off by the client.

Stage 2

Concept Design

The target of stage 2 is to achieve visual concepts using a 3 dimensional visual.

Stage 3

Developed Design

The target of stage 3 is to finalise the design concepts for use in the technical design process and apply for planning consents.

Stage 4

Technical Design

The target of stage 4 is to create all of the technical drawings required for manufacture and construction of the project.

Stage 5


The target of stage 5 is to carry out and complete the delivery of the construction of the project.

Cost Menu

At Appropriate Design Solutions, we like to be as clear and transparent with our pricing as possible so you always know what to expect. 

Already got drawings but just need the planning scheme submitted? No problem, work with us at any or all of the stages of your project.

Initial telephone consultations are always free, so why not get in contact today to discuss how we can help create your dream.

Initial Telephone Consultation

We can assess your project, talk through your expectations and budgets and get to an action plan.


Production of design ideas & visuals

Production and development of design ideas 3D models and concepts required for Planning stage.

From £250

Measured Site Survey

Detailed investigation of your property, with dimensional survey of your house and garden required to produce planning drawings.

A measured site survey isn’t always required, depending on what information is available for your property.







All rates are plus travel expenses.

Local rates apply within 30 miles of MK6 3EY, Regional Rates within 50 miles of MK6 and national rates apply to anything outside of this radius.

Production of drawings

Produce drawings required for planning and/or listed approval

From £300

Submission of Scheme

Submission of all required items to planning and/or listed approvals

Plus submission fees

Production of detailed drawings

Produce detailed design drawings for tendering and construction quotations

Price based on project

Tendering & Cost Assessment

Tender and assess costs of works

Price based on project

Site Management

On site and remote full time project management. Cost and involvement varies on degree of management required.

Price based on project

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